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Exchange and Return Policy

We thank you for choosing Tayba Store to buy
our products and we are pleased to provide the
best services to you, we are always keen to

provide the best services to our valued customers. If you are not satisfied with your purchase from
Tayba Store, you can exchange or return the
product in case: The product has a defect,

a manufacturing defect, or it is not identical to the product you have purchased. The product is

defective as a result of shipping or packaging. Theproduct is not identical to the one you have
purchased The customer has the right to recover

the value of the product or replace it with another product. Return or exchange is made within 7 days from the date of delivery of the product,

considering the followings: Attaching the original purchase invoice when returning or exchanging.

The product must be in its original condition and has not been used. The product must be in its
original packaging, with all product labels on it,

and not be damaged in any way. Products that cannot be exchanged or returned are underwear

products after they have been opened or used. The product should never be used by the buyer. In
case that the buyer wants to exchange or return
the product for any reason other than those

mentioned above, they should contact the customer service in Tayba Store, and the return and
shipping cost belongs to the buyer. Note: In case
that the request for exchange or return is due to

the presence of a defect or problem in the product, Tayba Store reviews the request and examines the product after returning it from the customer’s side. If Tayba Store finds that the buyer violates the
terms and conditions of the exchange and return
policy and that the defect has been caused to the
product as a result of a misuse on the part of the
buyer, then we have the right to reject the
exchange or return request and charge the buyer

the value of the damage to the product. In case that the request for exchange or return is due to any
defect in the product or its non-conformity with

the selling specifications, Tayba Store checks the product and if it is found that, the defect is due to the product, Tayba Store bears the shipping,
return and exchange costs. Refund Policy After

receiving a request to return the value of purchases of one of the products and after contacting us,
we will send an email to you or communicate

with you to inform you that your request has been received, and we will also inform you of the

status of your request. If the exchange or return is approved by Tayba Store, your request will be

processed as soon as possible and you can receive your money through the same payment method
with which it was paid, and the return of your
product must start within 25 working days from

the date the product is shipped from you to Tayba Store. The customer has the right to recover the
price of the product in full if the product they
received has a defect or a manufacturing defect,
or if the product is in violation of the product
description on the product page in the Tayba
Store. If the amount due is not refunded, first
check your bank account and then contact your
credit card company, as it may take some time
before the amount is sent to your bank account.
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